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Shoppers Paradise Bucket Collection

Our buckets at Shoppers Paradise are either in virgin plastic or recycled plastic material. Our smallest bucket are 5 L to the largest
25 L. Most of our buckets come with tight fitting lids except the everyday 9 L bucket and 15 L.

5Lt Bucket Lid9Lt Bucket Black10Lt Bucket Lid14Lt Bucket Lid Black

5 L Bucket + Lid                             9 L bucket black recycled        10 L bucket + Lid                     14 L bucket + Lid Black

15Lt Virgin Colour Bucket Lid20lt Bucket Lid      Heavy Duty 15Lt Builders Bucket Water Heating Buckets BUCKHEAT

15 L Virgin bucket + Lid           20 L Virgin Bucket + Lid                        15 L Heavy duty                Water Heating Buckets SABS

                                                                                                               Builders Bucket                 Approved

Bucket With Spout 2

15 L Bucket with Spout